Mezuzah Campaign

Help Complete the Adath Israel Building

Adath Israel has launched a very meaningful fundraising campaign… one with a spiritual purpose. We hope that you will give this opportunity your support. It’s time that we complete this important mitzvah and would love for you to be included among those who are making it happen.

In Deuteronomy 6:9, G-d instructs us to write the Sh’ma on the doorposts of our homes, which we do by placing mezuzot. Somehow, in the move to Lawrenceville and in the thousands of services, simchas, spiels and, yes, sadness that we’ve shared in the past 26 years, we’ve installed only one mezuzah, on Adath’s front door. But we have 49 more doorposts that need mezuzot. Please help complete our building by sponsoring one or more mezuzah.

The locations and type of mezuzah that will be affixed to those locations vary by level of sponsorship. There are four levels of sponsorship available:

  • Platinum and Gold sponsors may specify the doorpost they’d like to sponsor
  • Sponsorships may be shared by 2 or more individuals or families
    • Platinum-$1800
    • Gold-$1018
    • Silver-$613
    • Bronze-$180

The mezuzot on Platinum level doorposts will be very special. They are cast from actual mezuzot left behind by Polish Jews when they were forced to leave their homes during the Holocaust. These unique and beautiful mezuzot will not only bring a spiritual connection to Adath but will also enhance and contribute to the beauty of our building.

The mezuzot on Gold level doorposts are being handmade and will reflect the unique beauty of the Adath esthetic.

Please contact the Adath office to participate in this important and meaningful campaign, either by phone on (609) 896-4977 or by email

Our goal is to finish the Mezuzah Campaign in the fall, at which time we will celebrate with a special Shabbat celebration. It would be wonderful to have you be included among those who have participated in reaching our goal!