Adath at 100

Adath Israel Congregation was founded on October 15, 1923 in Trenton, New Jersey. We have a number of events planned to celebrate the incredible milestone of our 100th Anniversary.

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From the Archives

Throughout our 100th Anniversary year Rabbi Adler will be sharing some important moments from Adath’s history contained in the Linder Archives at the synagogue.

Letters from Leaders

Throughout Adath Israel’s early history, our congregation crossed paths with a number of important figures in the Jewish community. The Linder Archives includes correspondence with leaders of the Conservative movement as Adath was trying to establish itself in Trenton.

One of the important goals of the new synagogue was finding a rabbi. The congregation reached out to several rabbis in the field, including Israel Goldstein. He replied back in a letter from 1920, three years before Adath’s founding, with two questions: “1) How conservative is your Synagogue intended to be, is it to have an organ, is it to have family pews? 2) Who suggested my name to you?” (more…)