Caring Acts of Tzedakah Week of January 25-31, 2018

Adult Education Fund

In memory of

Jay Berger from Mrs. Karen Katz


Chesed Fund

In memory of

Ida Bash Nabutovsky from Ms. Shirley Nabutovsky


General Fund

In memory of

Jay Berger from Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sussman

Anita J. Kaplan from Mr. Harold Seider and Roselin S. Wagner

Robert Ritter from Mr. Mark Ritter

Sam Friedman from Mr. Sam and Ms. Claire Aber

Jay Berger from Mrs. Bertha Ropeik

Florence Fais from Mrs. Rebecca Globus

Celia Olin from Mrs. Shirley Olin

Hazzan’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of

Dr. Aaron J. Friedland from Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lerner

Sam Epstein from Mr. and Mrs. Michael Faigen

Sadie Goodstein from Mrs. Estelle Goodstein



Mezuzzah Appeal

In memory of

Jay Berger from Ms. Pamela Zaifman

Adele Lassar from Ms. Pamela Zaifman



Mortgage Reduction Fund

In memory of

Jay Berger from Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pressman

Jay Berger from Dr. Burton and Mrs. Barbara Lavin

Leah Nitzberg from Ms. Sylvia Schultz


Rabbi Grossman’s Emeritus Fund

In memory of

Isadore Dolinsky. Ethel Dolinsky, Fay Schragger from Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Schragger and Leonard Gelfand from Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gelfand

Col. Harold Hoenig from Mr. Arthur Hoenig