Donations Week of November 16-22, 2017

Chesed Fund

In memory of

The beloved brother of Sherry Nadel from Adath Israel Womens League

Frank Abramson from Mr. and Mrs. Harold Abramson


General Fund

In memory of

Judka Miodowicz from Dr. and Mrs. Marcel Rozencweig

Seymour Cohen from Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cohen

Sonya Rozansky from Mr. Irving Rozansky

Sadie Weil from Mrs. Estelle Goodstein

Thank You

Pam Zaifman for your gift towards the outdoor plantings.


Mortgage Reduction Fund

In memory of

Rachel Park on the loss of your beloved father from Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pressman

David Factor from Mrs. Janice Pincus


Mazel Tov

Rhonda & Steven Lang on the engagement of their son Evan from Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pressman


Rabbi Adler’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of

Ella Feldman Kramer from Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Kramer

Sylvia Zorn from Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lichstein

Gertrude Holzman from Mrs. Barbara Rickles


Rabbi Grossman’s Emeritus Fund


Marlene Brim